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In DevX School we believe every individual has great potential. Our team focuses on helping our students to discover and realize their potential through sharing the life and career experiences of successful people.

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Our Story

Hi everyone, welcome to DevX School. I am Askar co-founder of DevX School and Senior Server Automaton Engineer at Apple.

How did we come up with an idea of a job-oriented intensive coding Bootcamp? Well working in big tech companies I take interviews for open positions and it frustrates me when we have to interview 100 people for one open position. I interview a variety of candidates with different kinds of gaps in expertise.

Engineers who worked for one company for many years are outdated on the current technology trends.
Freshly graduated students from Universities and other bootcamps miss the big picture of problem-solving in real projects. Experiencing the rapid growth of jobs in the IT industry I caught myself thinking about the demand vs supply problem that the tech industry is experiencing. The traditional way of education going to universities for 4 years just to end up with theoretical knowledge was just not going to work in the current tech market.

We needed an institution that trains as many people with no prior tech background to be job-ready in the shortest amount of time. There is a stereotype that being job-ready in IT means only coding skills. I know many people with extremely good technical skills but who lack business intelligence, selling, persuasion, leadership skills had a hard time getting a job in tech.

I believe that we need to do our best to ensure world advancement. The best resource of innovation is people who are masters of their craftsmanship. DevX School is built by the principle of leading students to master Software Development skills by involving them in real project problem-solving activities.

Who are we?

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Who are we?

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