Begin a Career as a Data Scientist

A lot of data is generated across the internet every minute. Data science has become a game-changer in the way business is done today. Many companies and industries use this data to gain insight into the behavior of their users and customers so that they can design products that better meet the different needs of their customers.

Data analysts sort and analyze data, present insights to businesses and companies, and back up the business decision of the organization with hard facts. Becoming a data scientist is a great career path. If you are interested in a career in data science, read on; we have some tips that you could use.

Learning Data Science

Learning data science on your own may be intimidating. There are many data science courses available on the internet, which you can sign up for and learn the basics of Data Science. The demand for data scientists has been high and has increased in the last few decades. You can enroll in the DevX School, where we provide a data science Bootcamp to help you develop career-ready skills and gain practical work experience.

How to Become a Data Scientist

Here are the essential first steps you need to take to begin a career as a data scientist.

1. Decide on a preferred role

The data science industry is very vast with many specializations. There are so many roles, such as a machine learning expert, a data engineer, a data analyst, data visualization expert, etc. Do some research and choose a role that suits your interest and start learning the basics.

2. Register an online course and complete it

After you’ve found a suitable role, the next thing to do is to acquire the fundamental knowledge and basics of your preferred career choice. There are a lot of data science courses available online. These courses have easy-to-follow coursework and a clear structure, some of which even allow you to learn remotely.

3. Choose a language/tool and master it

There are different tools and programming languages used in solving data science problems. You can start with the simplest of languages, and you could use GUI tools to solve the fundamental problems you might have as a beginner. You can start with python as a programming language to learn.

4. Enroll in a Data Science Boot Camp

A data science Bootcamp like the one we have at DevX School is a great way to start your career journey as a data scientist. We provide you with the opportunity to practice and solve real-life problems. The DevX School Bootcamp will give you the necessary practical training and expose you to real-world case studies.

The demand for a data scientist is growing by the day, and different companies and employers are investing a significant amount of time and money in getting the best talents. You want to be sure you’re taking the right steps as an aspiring data scientist.

At DevX School, we provide fundamental training on different aspects of Data Science for 6 months. Give us a call today to get started in one of the programs and begin your career as a data scientist.

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