Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn a Data Science and Machine Learning Course to accelerate your data career with high-demand skills. Learn the foundations of Data Science, Python, data visualizations, modeling, machine learning, and more. Start your career as a high-demand Data Scientist and Machine Leaning Engineer

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Introduction to Data Science

Build a career in an exciting, in-demand profession

Data Scientists use math and coding to solve complex business problems and predict future outcomes.

Average salary


Common Job Titles

Data Scientist

Data & Analytics Manager

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Architect

Database Engineer

Job Skills



Computer Programming

Data Visualization

Machine Learning

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your tech career

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6 months 6 days a week 3 hours a day
Unit 1: Python, Statistics,Soft-Skills, Group Projects
Unit 2 : SQL, Data Visualization, ML, Statistics, Soft-Skills, Group Projects
Unit 3 : Machine Learning, Big Data, CI/CD, Group Projects, Soft-Skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

DevX School Founders are extremely passionate about helping people change their lives by proving world class learning experience that enables students get jobs in companies like Apple, Google.  Askar, CEO is ex-Apple engineer, Adina co-founder is an  ex-manager from a startup they bring their gained expertise to built top notch learning experience. Mentors for Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp are ML Engineer from Microsoft and a Ph. D in Mathematics. You simply don’t such high quality instructors from anywhere else. Reserve your spot now and take your first step to changing your life forever.   

Don’t worry! We offer flexible tuition options like paying $0 until you get job. For upfront payments you are eligible for a refund.  Learn about all payment options. Schedule your call now.

Our bootcamps are designed for people like you who have to work during the day and invest in their future in the evening. You can combine work and DevX bootcamp, though you have to be ready to spend extra time outside of classes. Is your life going to change without bold actions? Reserve your spot now.
We don’t quit on you, unless you quit on your dream! Our whole curriculum is designed for you to start preparing for the job market from Day 1 by practicing interview questions. Once you start job hunting after finishing bootcamp you will be meeting  with Job Support Mentors to help you analyze and improve your interview answers. You will get a job support until you get a chance. Don’t want to get a dream job and live your dream life? Hurry up and reserve your spot before it’s gone. 

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