How to change careers to get into tech

The tech industry continues to grow, with the good-paying jobs it offers including many fun benefits and perks that tag along.

You just have to identify the right IT career for you and make a plan to acquire the training to get certified for marketing yourself to the hiring managers

Rest assured because regardless of the commitments necessary to making the switch, 92% of new tech workers reported they were happier with their jobs since making the career change.

Here’s a story of…

…How a kindergarten teacher made his career change to IT 

All my life I had two passions: Social Justice and Technology. Because as much as I wanted to make the world a better place, 

It was clear to me that there was no easier way to accomplish this other than being in-sync with the latest trends in technology.

So, following my first love I began by teaching kindergarten in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn as it felt like the perfect place to make a difference. But it didn’t take me long to realise that;

“My passion and my expertise were not necessarily one in the same.”

Especially because I was an introvert and by being on stage in front of 27 rowdy kids every day it was slowly becoming clear to me that I was not playing to my strengths… 

…no matter how cool my teacher ties were I continually struggled to pull off the teaching thing…

Whereas on the other hand, I found myself totally engrossed with all the techie aspects of my job from building a classroom blog, teaching my students how to make videos, and even doing tech support on our ancient PCs.

I mean the answer was right in front of me but I didn’t realize it till my co-worker finally pulled me aside and said:

“Steven, what the heck are you doing here? You should be in tech, man!”

Typical… right? It takes someone else to point out the most obvious truths in your own life.

So, as much as it hurt me to realise that I wasn’t cut out for(what I thought was) my dream job, I knew my colleague was right!

And so began my journey of finding my new dream job in tech which ended with me starting as a Jr. Database Engineer at Apple after one & a half year

Today when I look back it feels like I could have easily made my career switch much earlier if I had listened to my gut feeling sooner…

Not surprisingly, Steven is not the only one to feel this way because according to a new survey conducted by the popular job site Indeed … it was found out that even though tech jobs pay well, people take an average of 12 months to decide before officially making the leap,


This might be because you may find the prospect of trying your hand at something new daunting – especially in a sector like a tech…


…which outsiders often see as being filled with technical jargon and requires lots of specialist knowledge. If this sounds familiar, you might be underestimating yourself.


Here’s why a career change in tech could be a completely viable and highly-rewarding option.


First of all, It’s not exactly a little-known secret that the tech industry offers some of the most lucrative job opportunities, that’s likely why 89% of people who changed careers in the tech industry did so in pursuit of MORE money

So, if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your work and thinking about making a career change into tech, know this;

You’re not alone!

Because 1 in 4 workers who left their jobs and are actively looking to change careers post-COVID and IT jobs give people the ability to work remotely, so you can easily create a work-life balance that suits you instead of changing your life to fit around your work. 

This brings us to…

How to start an IT career, even if you feel…

  1. You’re too old for tech
  2. You’ll be a fresher & start from scratch
  3. You’ve aready sunk your time and money 
  4. You don’t have time to make a career change
  5. You feel there’s too much uncertainty in starting new

1. You’re too old for tech

As per Google, the average age of career changers is 39 years, and if you consider the success story of James – a truck driver for 15 years – who switched to IT at 56 years young, So there is really no age or skill bar which stop’s an average person from making their debut into the field of information technology because technology levels the playing field for everyone.

2. You’ll be seen as a fresher & start from scratch

The tech industry offers rewarding career perks like six-figure salaries and lifelong opportunities to upgrade your skills by learning new tools and being in touch with innovations at your company’s expense.

Even the entry-level jobs in tech range from $84,000/yr, which goes up to $111,832/yr(in the US), moreover you get the added advantage of not having to hit the floor running because your company would be expecting you to be learning on the job in your initial few months.

If you still have some doubts, here you can read about Tim – went from being a Customer Support Manager to getting his first promotion within a month of joining his new job in tech and is now making 10 times more than he did before…

3. You don’t have time to make a career change

“I’m so busy! I have too many responsibilities! I don’t have any time for myself! Look how busy I am!”, is what we’re programmed to say in our defense, but with each repetition, instead of prioritizing and becoming more productive, we fall into(& reinforce) a victim mentality: 

“I have no control over my time – I don’t get to choose what I do”

You can prioritize the rest of your life(job, family, entertainment, etc.) in healthy ways and easily adapt to your new schedule. Moreover, boot camps are offering recorded online classes which help you to learn in your own time.

All you need is to take the first step, just like Negus who got placed in Amazon after completing his course side-by-side working a full-time job, here’s what he said:

“The course being online was a really really good help 

because I could do it anywhere or watch the recordings in my free time”

– Negus

4. You’ve already sunk your time & money into the present career

“Have you ever sat through a terrible movie just because you have paid a lot of money for the ticket, not to mention the coke, popcorn & hotdog…” unfortunately we don’t understand that watching the movie won’t get us our money back, moreover it will waste our precious time?

And this is what we call as sunk cost fallacy, a dilemma that affects many career changers and it’s even more true for people considering switching to IT from a seemingly unrelated field.

However, soft skills are one of the most commonly known transferable & sought supplementary skillset as they take a considerable amount of time to develop. 

So, no matter if you have worked in hospitality, transportation, engineering, content writing, sales, human resource – your real work experience will always be invaluable in your tech career.

5. You feel there’s too so much uncertainty in starting new

Will you succeed? Will you enjoy your new work? 

Do you have anything to offer? Will people take you seriously? 

Will companies be willing to hire you? 

Is it right time? Will it ever be? Are you biting off more than you can chew?

Honestly, these questions are largely your brain’s natural reaction before diving into something unknown…

Why? Well because we’re all control freaks at heart!

Always trying to exert as much control as possible over our immediate environment to avoid the feeling of disappointment 

So, the best way is to approach it step-by-step; Firstly, analyze how will you manage your resources, mainly your time and money for the duration of your transition period

Secondly, find yourself an institute, mentor or a Bootcamp to help speed up your learning process 

Thirdly, to buildup positive thinking and motivation look at other people’s journeys who have already accomplished it before you on platforms such as; Youtube(TedX talks), Quora, Google, etc.

And remember;

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams 

then you are to your comfort zone.”

– Albert Einstein

Lastly, in the famous words of Shia Labeouf all that remains for you to do now is:

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