Intro to Data Science

Intro to Data Science
Data science combines different fields, such as statistics, data analysis, scientific research, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc, to make sense of data and extract useful information. Data science is a fast-evolving field that includes collecting data for analysis, aggregating, and manipulating the data to gain valuable insights. Data science is all about using data to solve problems. Big companies are interested in data for making informed business decisions. Have you ever wondered how Amazon or Aliexpress can suggest items for you to buy? Or how does Spotify suggest Playlists that are of interest to you? It’s all about data science and how data is analyzed.

Becoming a Data Scientist
There is a growing need for data scientists as they provide valuable insight and information to both businesses and the government. To become a data scientist requires that one acquire essential data science skills. Data scientists work closely with business stakeholders to solve their problems, understand their goals, and devise effective ways to use data to solve those problems.

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist
Below are some essential data science skills needed to be a prolific and competent data scientist.

Statistics: This is an essential requirement to become a data scientist. You should have background knowledge in descriptive statistics, exploratory data analysis, random variables, percentiles, etc.

Programming: to analyze data effectively, you’ll need knowledge in either of the two programming languages in data science: R or Python. Mastering any of these programming languages is an excellent way to start.

Data Visualization: one crucial skill needed to be a good data scientist is a knowledge of different data visualization tools such as Tableau, ggplot, Datawrapper, etc. with any of these tools, you can easily convert complex data into an understandable and straightforward form and structure.

Soft skills: apart from the programming and other technical skills needed to excel in data science, it is important to have soft skills like excellent and effective communication, the ability to receive feedback, teamwork, and collaboration, and the ability to work under pressure.

Learning Data Science
To start a career in data science requires that you learn the basics of statistics and computer science. There are also different data science online courses that one can take to gain the necessary knowledge. Some of these platforms also provide data science certification to assist in the job application. One can also enroll in a boot camp, such as DevX School, to gain practical training in data science.

How Much Do Data Scientists earn?
There is a high demand for data scientists, and the field is quite challenging, so data scientists earn a very high salary. As an intern, one can earn around $122,709 per year. Senior Data scientists make around $142,131 a year.

To begin your training in Data science and get a better understanding of the field, you can enroll in DevX school. We would teach you the fundamentals of data science and how to use the tools and programming languages, all within just six months. Contact us now to start your training.

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