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What is SDET?

How itWork?

SDET coding bootcamp is divided into 3 phases.

Front-End Automation
Back-End Automation
Program Overview
  • Java fundamentals
  • 360 hours of coding in Java
  • 1st round of mock interview
  • Resources
  • Videos, workshops, projects
  • Experienced Industry's Instructors
  • Personal account with the course materials 24/7
  • Curriculum
  • Java
  • Unix
  • JUnit
  • TestNG
  • Git
  • Maven
  • Cucumber
  • Program Overview
  • Start building real world solutions by creating automation framework for Web Applications
  • 120 hours of framework building from scratch
  • Resume preparation
  • Resources
  • Videos, workshops, projects
  • Experienced Industry's Instructors
  • Personal account with all the course materials 24/7
  • Curriculum
  • Selenium
  • SauceLabs
  • Reports
  • Maven
  • Cucumber
  • Program Overview
  • Build real world solutions for complex API and Database micro-services
  • 240 hours of API and Database framework building from scratch
  • Hands on experience on real projects. Job ready.
  • 2nd round of mock interviews
  • Resources
  • Videos, workshops, projects
  • Experienced Industry's Instructors
  • Personal account with all the course materials 24/7
  • Curriculum
  • SQL DB
  • API
  • Jenkins
  • CourseCurriculum

    Rest Api

    Essential for transferring messages between two apps. Perhaps, RestApi is used in our chat apps like WhatsApp, FB Messenger.

    Junit Framework

    No software can be developed without extensive testing. Junit makes the task easy to accomplish.


    Automation of software development process on another level. Tell Jenkins when to perform a certain task, and it will do it for you while you are resting.

    Java Programming Language

    Java is the king of all programming languages in the IT industry and is used by most corporations.


    Most popular of its kind. This tool is used to automate web applications. Selenium can automate pretty much anything a user can perform on the web.


    A top-rated tool that makes the software development process more transparent to non-technical team members.

    Application Version Control

    Teamwork is the key in software development. Developing a new app can be extremely time-consuming.

    Relational DataBase

    Save your information in Relational Database systems so that you can access it after one month, a year, or longer.



    Knowing all of the above technologies is the core of SDET skills. However, if you want to get an offer of employment from one of your DREAM companies, you will also need to have the soft-skills.


    DevX School classes are known for constant Instructor and Student interaction. From day one, students are coached and trained for real interviews.


    The first step to success in the job market is an outstanding professional resume. Our Resume Preparation Coaches guide students with building their perfect resume.

    Job Support

    DevX School’s number one goal is to help students get their dream jobs. Thus we support students even after they graduate by providing weekly mentorships during the job hunting.



    Co-Founder | Linux/API Instructor

    Chirag Khimani

    Junit | TestNG | Cucumber Instructor

    Sofiia Rudenka

    Selenium Instructor

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